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A Must-Read Book: “No Pity” by Joseph P. Shapiro


While reporter Joseph P. Shapiro stood on a New York sidewalk in 1988, he saw a cab slow down to pick up a passenger. That same cab abruptly turned and sped away, however, when the driver saw that his potential customer was in a wheelchair. Continue reading A Must-Read Book: “No Pity” by Joseph P. Shapiro

Making your voice heard at 35,000 feet

I know how hard it is to bring up my own disability when urging a particular political stance or vote. And I understand that knowing when to seize the moment takes perspective and discipline. But we saw the consummate example of both when Ady Barkin found himself on an airplane with Senator Jeff Flake last week.

Barkin, who has ALS, made a very eloquent and compelling plea to Senator Flake to vote against Trump’s tax overhaul bill. And although the bill ultimately passed, these kinds of confrontations will be remembered as the effects of this nightmarish law start to emerge (and the 2018 midterm elections approach).

Read Mr. Barkin’s account of the conversation below: