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Who Needs Straws? Lots of People

It seems like a no-brainer: Get rid of straws and we’ll all leave a smaller carbon footprint.

But this only works if we don’t think about the people who need them. See the article below for more details.


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You will be Reading Less of Me for a While…

I will shortly start writing a new blog for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. This blog will contain many of the same themes and information as the current one.

Although I intend to keep publishing information on the current blog, there will be less of it for a while, as I get up to speed on the new one.

If you have comments or questions about anything related to disability or disability law, please continue to ask them on the form below. I CAN’T GIVE YOU LEGAL ADVICE, of course, but I can perhaps give you some resources to help you get the information you need.

And as always, I believe the best place for online disability information is


Helen Russon