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Braille on Baseball Uniforms Outshines the Orioles’ Season

FORGET that the Baltimore Orioles have lost 111 games and are having the worst season in their history.

REMEMBER that On September 18, 2018, the Orioles became the first U.S. professional team to use Braille lettering on their uniforms.

This was in honor of the National Federation of the Blind’s move to Baltimore 40 years ago. Each uniform had “Orioles,” as well as the player’s name, spelled out in Braille characters. Braille alphabet cards were also handed out during the game.

The team was originally going to do something to commemorate the 28th Anniversary of the Amerians with Disabilities Act. When they learned about the NFB anniversary, however, they decided to have make their tribute closer to “home.”

Good on the Orioles!

And remember, there’s always next year…

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