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Braille on Baseball Uniforms Outshines the Orioles’ Season

FORGET that the Baltimore Orioles have lost 111 games and are having the worst season in their history.

REMEMBER that On September 18, 2018, the Orioles became the first U.S. professional team to use Braille lettering on their uniforms.

This was in honor of the National Federation of the Blind’s move to Baltimore 40 years ago. Each uniform had “Orioles,” as well as the player’s name, spelled out in Braille characters. Braille alphabet cards were also handed out during the game.

The team was originally going to do something to commemorate the 28th Anniversary of the Amerians with Disabilities Act. When they learned about the NFB anniversary, however, they decided to have make their tribute closer to “home.”

Good on the Orioles!

And remember, there’s always next year…

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Ask your Congressperson to Oppose the Latest Blow to Obamacare

I am writing to protest the Trump administration’s latest effort to deny health insurance to people who have pre-existing medical conditions.

This is very personal to me, because I have multiple sclerosis. So did my mother and my grandmother. But I now have many more opportunities than they did to slow down the progression of my disease through the use of new medications.

The problem is that these medications can cost up to $40,000.00 a year. That’s why the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was such a godsend. Among the many ways it protects people is by making it unlawful for insurance companies to deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

But as mentioned above, the current administration is trying to destroy these protections, one stealthy step at a time. The latest tactic is a new federal regulation that would make it legal for insurance companies to offer “short term” insurance plans that do not have the same protections as the ACA.

And yes, it would again be legal to deny coverage for people because of pre-existing conditions.

As of now, this rule is scheduled to take effect at the end of September. I urge everyone to put pressure on their elected representatives to stop the further victimization of people who are already so vulnerable.

See the links below for more information.

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Think Ahead and Prepare for Natural Disasters

It’s so easy to assume that “nothing can be done” for people with disabilities, especially in emergency situations. That makes it easy for those of us with disabilities to start believing that, too.

But there’s a lot that can in fact be done to prepare for emergencies, such as putting together supply kits, keeping vital phone numbers at the ready, regularly changing batteries for mobility devices or hearing aids, making sure your friends and family know how to contact you, etc.

As recently mentioned, the ADATA Center has tremendous amounts of information about all of this. They also have webinars and podcasts on the subject – all for free.

Check out the link below for more information. And be prepared!

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“Her Purr is Better than Xanax.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’re aware of the escalating controversy about people who abuse disability law by bringing animals on airplanes and calling them “emotional support animals(ESA’s).”

Because of the massive confusion over what airlines can and cannot require in these cases, the default position is for airline personnel to not ask any questions and let the parties (human and otherwise) board. The result has been an increasing public resentment over flights where animals are roaming the aisles and urinating, defecating, biting, snarling and sometimes injuring people.

I have already written several posts about this issue, and I’m not going to repeat myself here. But I wanted to invite you to read an article that focuses on people who really need those animals in order to carry on the functions of daily life.

In the unlikely event that any of the “abusers” are reading this post, this is a plea for them to stop and think about how their actions impact people who are using the law in the way it was intended.

The article is below.