There’s the law, and there’s reality

407F885A-DCE9-4480-BDBA-4F0CD3088A79Last week, I published a post about the legal requirements of buses under the Americans with Disabilities Act. I talked about how new buses need to have lifts and other equipment to assist people with mobility disabilities, and how the drivers need to be prepared to help people with disabilities as they navigate their bus rides.

The feedback I’ve gotten indicates that while all of that sounds good, people with disabilities are still having major problems in obtaining the assistance they need in this vital area. For example, the article below discusses the major settlement the government just made with Greyhound. The bus company had been accused of numerous ADA violations. Even though it did not admit to any wrongdoing, it settled the case for $375,000,00

So for those of you who depend on accessible ground transportation, this is my question: Do you think it’s working? If not, what are the major problems and do you have any suggestions for improvement? Let us know!



PS: a few hours ago, I inadvertently published this post prematurely. If you didn’t know what the ——— I was trying to say, you weren’t alone! My apologies.

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