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Good on You, Julia Louis-Dreyfus!

One of the most appealing things about Julia Louis-Dreyfus is that she doesn’t mind looking vulnerable. It’s largely what has driven her popularity on “Seinfeld” and now on “Veep.” In both roles, she’s often caught off guard and she uses those moments to generate humor.

So when she found out that she had breast cancer a few weeks ago, she also used that moment – not to get laughs but to make the point that so many other people do not have health insurance to cover treatments for cancer and other serious diseases. Therefore, she said, it is imperative that universal health care become a reality in this country.

In other words, she did not dwell on her own situation but used it as a teachable moment for everyone. And she is in a position to get people to listen. So are you listening, President Trump? And have you thought about getting a new “Veep?”

Hang in there, Julia. We’re all pulling for you.


I am an attorney with a disability, and I co-teach a class on disability law. But because laws are just words, I would like to learn and convey more of the real world of living with a disability in the 21st Century.

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