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With his Executive Order gutting Obamacare, Trump Continues to Hurt the People who are the Most Vulnerable

So when he’s not demeaning grieving relatives of fallen solders, football players expressing their views or a senator suffering from brain cancer, President Trump still finds time to issue an executive order which, if implemented, could unilaterally dismantle the portions of Obamacare that were specifically designed to help low-income and sick people.

If the provisions in this order are implemented, it would mean that smaller insurance companies could band with large ones and potentially escape the safeguards guaranteed in Obamacare. It would also be the end of the subsidies regularly given to insurance companies to help low-income people maintain their health insurance. And it would mortally gut the recruitment programs that help people navigate their way through the confusing health insurance morass.

All this right before open enrollment begins on November 1. As someone said, making America sick again.

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I am an attorney with a disability, and I co-teach a class on disability law. But because laws are just words, I would like to learn and convey more of the real world of living with a disability in the 21st Century.

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